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Welcome to RFID24-7
Founder John R. Johnson is a veteran business journalist with over 15 years of experience covering the supply chain and technology field, having served as chief editor of Warehousing Management, and editor of DC Velocity, among others.

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RFID 24-7 Articles by John R. Johnson
Every other week RFID 24-7 publishes critical news and articles relevant to the RFID and auto-ID industry.

2/9/09 Omni-ID pulls in $15M in VC funding; Targets new markets, Asian growth

1/19/09 Retailers count on UWB RFID to track employees, customers

1/5/09 Banking industry expects to receive pre-tagged IT assets by this spring

12/01/08 Companies turn to RFID to prosper during economic slump

11/17/08 Money continues to flow into RFID; ThingMagic latest to benefit

11/03/08 RFID needs to fade away

10/20/08 NASA expands RFID rollout at Kennedy Space Center

9/30/08 New markets embrace RFID

9/15/08 Walgreens unveils RFID at its DC in Anderson, S.C.

9/2/08 RFID use exploding at HP

click to jump to top 8/18/08 M&A activity may increase following OAT, Impinj deals


RFID 24-7 Newsletters
Every other week RFID 24-7 publishes critical news and articles relevant to the RFID and auto-ID industry.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0309 Week of 2/9/09
Despite challenging financial times, Omni-ID has landed $15M in venture funding. Learn how they did it, and how the funds will be put to use.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0209 Week of 1/19/09
Savvy retailers continue to find unique ways to utilize RFID technology. This week we look at the use of ultra-wideband technology to track store associates.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0109 Week of 1/5/09
Happy New Year! It remains to be seen how RFID will fare in '09, but one of the hottest applications is IT asset tracking. Learn how major banks like Wells Fargo are using the technology in our lead story.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0808 Week of 12/01/08
As we count down the days to 2009, RFID appears to be in a strong position, despite the worldwide economic slowdown. This marks our final issue of 2008. RFID 24-7 will be back with our first issue of 2009 the week of Jan. 5. Until then, be sure to check my blog for breaking news and updates. Happy Holidays.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0708 Week of 11/17/08
Be sure to check my blog for breaking news between issues! It sure looks like a positive sign for the RFID sector as investors continue to make sizeable investments in the technology, despite a troubled economy.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0608 Week of 11/3/08
Can RFID play a role in future presidential elections? For example, can states with RFID-enabled driver’s licenses utilize the technology to move voters along quicker, reduce lines and verify voter identification? Other than some asset tracking operations to track voting equipment in California, I’d like to know your thoughts on other potential applications.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0508 Week of 10/20/08
NASA is no stranger to RFID technology, but the group is stepping up its use of RFID at the Kennedy Space Center. NASA just unveiled phase two of an asset management rollout, with more to come.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0408 Week of 9/30/08
Proof that RFID is gaining acceptance is evidenced by the wide number of use cases being deployed around the world. In this issue, learn how RFID is being implemented at Spain’s post office. And some day, the technology might even help your airline to get you to your destination on time!

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0308 Week of 9/15/08
Last week’s RFIDWorld show in Las Vegas went a long way toward proving that RFID is reaching maturity. Although the show was short on actual users during the exhibit hall hours, it was long on case studies that validate the technology. Learn all about them in our lead story.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0208 Week of 9/2/08
These are exciting times for the RFID industry. In our lead story, HP RFID guru Frank Lanza explains that business is booming for the consumer electronics giant’s RFID services division. Also in this issue, learn about two major item level rollouts as retailers around the world continue to embrace item level technology.

RFID 24-7 Newsletter 0108 Week of 8/18/08
This week, we take a look at the M&A environment in the RFID industry, how it might impact end users, and what companies might be purchased next.


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