Terso CEO: RFID will see double-digit growth in the healthcare market

Joe Pleshek, the CEO of Terso Solutions, recently penned a column for WTN News about the increasing role RFID is playing in the healthcare and medical sectors. While growth is not nearly as strong as in the retail space, intriguing new use cases are expected to contribute to increased adoption in medical and healthcare.

Here’s an excerpt from the WTN News article:

By monitoring the usage of rental equipment and providing alerts when rental equipment is sitting idle, Texas Health Dallas has saved about $30,000 a month in rental savings. For years, hospitals simply threw money at the problem, buying and renting more equipment to make sure it was on hand when needed. With RFID, fiscally irresponsible purchases are becoming a thing of the past.

The same theory holds true for temperature sensitive items like drugs, orthopedic supplies, and cardiovascular products that can be stored in RFID-enabled cabinets, refrigerators and freezers like the ones manufactured by Terso Solutions. Using secure access, each inventory transaction is automatically captured and processed — in real-time. Then, data can be analyzed to track product usage, improve workflows, and make better business decisions. In addition, costly product spoilage can be avoided.

Hospitals are benefitting from other uses beyond asset tracking. For example, by placing higher-memory RFID tags on high value products, users not only gain the ability to track items, but the ability to keep track of product-specific information, such as maintenance reports and when tools were last calibrated.

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