New report: apparel tagging will consume 20 billion tags and reach $1B by 2021

Apparel tagging is starting to finally experience the scale that will drive it to become ubiquitous in the retail marketplace. According to a new study, the apparel industry alone will account for $1 billion worth of UHF tag sales by 2021. The report from IDTechEx says that apparel will consume 20 billion RFID tags annually within a decade. (Click here to view more coverage of item level and apparel tagging)

In addition, $670 million will be spent on RFID infrastructure for apparel alone in 2021, up from $80 million this year.

And, the report states that for the first time ever, more passive RFID tags are being used in the apparel sector than in all other industries combined. The apparel movement started with the tagging of rented apparel and linen, which now accounts more than 60 million tags annually. By 2021, more than 200 million tags will be used for that application.

Click here to view an executive summary of the report.

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