Charleston County, S.C. deploys RFID-enabled solution to dramatically increase recycling efforts

The use of RFID technology is being integrated into products from cradle to grave. While more products are being tagged at the source to provide visibility through the supply chain and to the store shelf, RFID is becoming big business in the trash hauling sector as well.

This morning, Intermec announced a partnership with systems integrator Sonrai Systems that has helped Charleston County, S.C. to more than double its recycling participation, surpassing 70 percent recycling levels in some areas. (Watch for more details in this week’s issue of RFID 24-7).

RFID has been instrumental in providing Charleston County with unparalleled accuracy within its environmental management program with productivity rates increasing by 83 percent.

“In order to make future program decisions, we needed to be able to collect reliable and consistent data about recycling in our County and the RFID solution from Intermec and Sonrai has given us a high level of data confidence,” said Hal Crawford, Charleston County Collection Department Manager. “We now have technology as a trusted measuring stick for recycling in the County so we can strategically implement programs to encourage recycling to residents who aren’t.”

The County deployed curbside recycling carts with RFID tags at 5,000 homes in an initial pilot effort, and is in the process of extending the program to another 5,000 homes.

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