ODIN RFID Reader Benchmark reveals industry leaders

Who has the best RFID reader in the land? According to a new research by ODIN technologies, Motorola does when it comes to reader distance. ODIN’s 2010 Handheld Reader RFID Benchmark, released early today, makes the claim that Motorola’s CSL CS101 is at the head of the class.

Just how far has RFID reader technology come over the years? Consider that the ODIN benchmark compared current readers to the Symbol MC9000-G, which was the strongest performer in 2005 testing. Today, it is among the weakest. That’s a testament to Motorola’s investment and continued R&D in the handheld arena. Motorola purchased Symbol in 2006 for just under $4 billion.

ODIN has granted readers of RFID 24-7 an exclusive look at how readers fared in the distance category.

The eight handheld RFID readers evaluated in the Benchmark include:

  • Motorola MC3090-Z (FCC)
  • Motorola MC3190-Z (ETSI) *(name may change before official launch)
  • Intermec IP30 (FCC)
  • Intermec IP30 (ETSI)
  • CSL CS101
  • Unitech RH767
  • MacSema PCE 4050
  • Symbol MC9000 (FCC model also included in 2005 Benchmark)

Click here for more information or to view the report’s executive summary.

From the report:

Interpreting the Results

In straight apples to apples comparison at 27 dB, we can see … that the MC3090-Z from Motorola (both ETSI and FCC versions) were lead performers. They performed well with the Steelwave Micro and exceptionally well with the Omni Ultra and Alien Squiggle. MacSema PCE4050 had the best results with the Steelwave Micro and noteworthy performance with the Ultra.

When the readers are set to max power and the tests are repeated, the CSL CS101 clearly stands above the rest of the pack. It read the Steelwave Micro reliably at 15 ft. and maxed out our testing environment for the Ultra and Squiggle at 40 ft with reliable reads. Its performance was more than 30% better in read distance than the next closest handheld.

The Motorola units remained competitive even after the other units were maxed out at 30 dB for the distance testing. All other readers did see improved performance.

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