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Omni-ID pulls in $15M in VC funding

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Money continues to flow into the RFID sector, with Omni-ID the latest recipient. The Foster City, Calif.-based firm announced its third round of funding today, securing $15 million from UK-based Cody Gate Ventures G.P. The funding marks Cody’s third investment in Omni-ID, and is triple the approximately $5 million it doled out in its first two rounds of funding.


Omni-ID, which provides passive ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID technology solutions, expects to use the funding to ramp up marketing efforts, penetrate new markets, increase manufacturing capacity and to move into Asian markets. The company expects to unveil a new global customer in the Asian marketplace sometime next month. To date, Omni-ID has successfully built a reputation as a UHF IT asset tagging manufacturer.


“Given the state of the economy and current period of slowed investment in RFID, the Omni-ID Series C funding announcement and its sizeable amount are very significant milestones for the company and the RFID market,” Michael Liard, RFID practice director at ABI Research, said in a release.

For more information, check out this week’s issue of RFID 24-7.

Super Bowl and RFID

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

What a great Super Bowl game Sunday night. But I couldn’t help thinking through all those long challenges and official reviews how RFID might be able to help out. I know “moving the chains” is one of the old time traditions of football, but what if yard markers carried RFID readers, and tags were affixed to the ball? Wouldn’t this clear up so many of the “ball placement” issues that come into play during a game? I’d think it would be beneficial in determining if the ball actualy crossed the plane or the goal line or not. Let me know what you think!