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Debating the merits of RTLS

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Interesting conversation about RTLS over on the RFID 24-7 LinkedIn page. Author Ann Grackin of ChainLink Research makes some excellent points about RTLS, as does ODIN’s Bret Kinsela in his response. Leave a reply and let us know what you think.

From the article:

Real-time locating inside facilities1 is an idea that has been sustained through belief in the value of the solution. We have seen great projects that do have value. But yet, the market growth for the past ten years is still small.

RTLS is target-rich—and in the early days there was a lot of ‘spray and pray,’ chasing a lot of use cases and accounts, hoping that once a good case study emerged from a particular industry, it would lead to growth. And since most of the RTLS projects are industry-specific—Auto, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defense, Healthcare, Mining, etc.—there were large investment efforts to develop industry-based solutions.

But it has been hard to get a meaningful return from them, and one account did not lead to another. Clouding the issue are complementary technologies—‘semi-active’ (that’s active, right?), longer range passive with extra memory, cellular, etc.

Where is WhereNet? The acquisition by Zebra looked like a great idea—giving end-users the broadest choice possible in Auto-ID—but RTLS seems to have disappeared within that company. AreoScout? We haven’t heard much lately. Ekahau seems to be hanging in there, with sheer persistence and focus.

Ekahau offers money back guarantee; are 12-month interest-free payments next?

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Borrowing a sales tool that has enticed retailers and customers for decades, Ekahau is now offering a money back guarantee for businesses that install the company’s real-time location systems and are not satisfied with the solution’s performance.

The Ekahau Zero-Risk System Guarantee is available to all new customers. Prior to installation, Ekahau will conduct a site audit in order to develop a comprehensive performance report, which will serve as the basis of the system’s performance guarantee. Once the system is installed, a customer will have 30 days to review the system, ensuring that it performs as promised. Should the customer find any faults with the system, Ekahau will fix the problems at no cost or refund the cost of the system.

“When organizations are investigating the various RFID, RTLS and other location tracking technologies on the market today, small, localized pilots of those solutions often do not provide a clear picture of how the system would work when installed campuswide, or what cost overruns for additional infrastructure may arise,” said Tuomo Rutanen, senior vice president of worldwide marketing and business development at Ekahau. “Unlike other providers, Ekahau can offer customers peace of mind that the Ekahau RTLS solution will work as promised. We have the tools to predict the performance of the system before a single tag is deployed.”