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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

West coast retailer prepares to deploy active
RFID-enabled customer loyalty cards
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The holiday shopping season is here, and long lines are a staple at stores everywhere. Imagine how nice it would be to breeze through the checkout counter with no delays, as store clerks scanned all of your items with a single swipe of their RFID reader, and you paid for them with a simple swipe of your mobile phone.

A host of consumer-facing changes are making their way into the retail world, mostly driven by RFID and even 2D bar coding. Retailers continue to embrace item level tagging, allowing a stack of goods to be scanned with a single swipe of a reader, rather than scanning the bar code of each individual item. And a number of apps go way beyond the checkout counter, and include unique ways to engage customers.

Early next year, a west coast retailer will begin piloting RFID-enabled customer loyalty cards. The first-ever, credit-card-sized active RFID tag is readable at more than 20 feet when placed in a wallet, and will be piloted at several stores in California. “The return-on-investment is very compelling right now,” Jayant Ramchandani, the COO of solution provider Novitaz, told a gathering at the MIT Enterprise Forum in Cambridge last month.

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NASA deploys RFID for flight inventory
system on the International Space Station

NASA’s Johnson Space Center intends to purchase 41 RFID readers and other associated peripherals from A.C.C. Systems Inc. for a space flight inventory system on the International Space Station.

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ODIN acquires Reva Systems; deal adds
scalability and intelligence in RFID software

ODIN was mostly interested in Reva’s passive RTLS software solution for healthcare assets and personnel, which leverages inexpensive UHF technology and will be added to ODIN’s healthcare RFID portfolio.

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Checkpoint intros “RFID-out-of-the-box”
solution for merchandise visibility

The solution can be deployed without impacting retailers’ IT systems or networks, and also minimizes the impact of RFID on store operations during pilots to prove ROI from the technology.

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Silent Partner Technologies seeks
distributors for RFID related products

SPT expects to announce several partnerships soon, and projects that its RFID product branding will grow rapidly.

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HID Global fuels e-passport and
e-ID adoption throughout Europe

HID’s e-government RFID reader technology is being deployed in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain to help create a more robust identity-checking infrastructure in Europe.

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RFID TagSource launches AeroTag
specialty tags for aerospace and defense

New high memory tags are designed to support Air Transport Association standards and carry 4 kilobytes of memory.

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Massive retail rollouts will spur 2011 RFID
systems revenue growth of 16% or more

According to ABI Research, global RFID system markets (excluding immobilization) are expected to reach almost $5.3 billion by the end of next year, a year-over-year growth in excess of 16%.

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U.S. Department of State adopts ODIN’s
EasyArms RFID-based weapons tracking

Automated weapons tracking solution leverages RFID to improve the accuracy and speed of weapon logging while also enhancing asset security at a key government armory.

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Tetherball takes third place in
RFID tag design competition

The top designs in the 2010 Best MIFARE Card Design Competition, hosted by NXP Semiconductors, were featured at NXP’s booth during last week’s CARTES & IDentification show in Paris.

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VDC Research Group reveals Top 5 trends
for the RFID solutions market in 2011

Solution convergence, item-level retail tagging and expanding asset tracking features are just part of VDC’s predictions for the RFID marketplace in 2011.

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