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Avery Dennison readies for NFC onslaught by introducing line of NFC RFID inlays

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

It’s still too early to tell how just quickly NFC-enabled smart phones will be deployed around the globe, but some predictions call for 100 million being in use by the end of this year, with 500 million deployed globally by 2015.

Although the forecast remains unclear, Avery Dennison isn’t wasting any time preparing for the eventual onslaught of NFC technology. Today Avery announced its N-Zone™ line of near field communications (NFC) RFID inlays, designed to support the proliferation of innovative, high-performance NFC applications expected to spread across the globe.

NFC uses short-range wireless technology for a wide variety of new mobile commerce, information exchange and social networking applications that will simplify tasks like buying movie tickets and ticketing for public transit. For example, some of the initial uses for the Avery NFC inlays will be the transformation of ordinary product labels and store environments into powerful media for branding and new customer experiences, as well as in “smart” posters and NFC-enabled mobile devices.

“NFC is reaching the tipping point,” said Maggie Bidlingmaier, global director of sales and marketing at Avery Dennison RFID. “NFC-enabled smart phones are rapidly proliferating, and consumers will quickly demand applications that the technology makes possible. Our N-Zone NFC tags were designed specifically to power these rapidly emerging solutions.”

The first products in the N-Zone line of NFC inlays utilize NXP’s ICODE semiconductors. Jeff Fonseca, NXP’s NFC global business development director, said, “Combining Avery Dennison’s inlay design expertise and our ICODE®, Mifare™ Ultralight™, and DESFire™ line of products to create best-in-class NFC inlays is a natural progression of our strategic relationship.”

NXP and Avery Dennison are both members of the NFC Forum, the industry’s standards group.