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Tego set to produce millions of high memory
tags for aerospace and automotive markets
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Last week the industry was abuzz following the launch of the Item Level RFID Initiative, an alliance of major retailers that hope to accelerate the use of item level tagging in the retail arena. Retail item level tagging could utilize more than three billion UHF low-memory tags within four years.

This week, the buzz is about high-memory tags and the huge impact they could have in the aerospace industry, as well as the automotive, utility and medical sectors. In addition, smart cards and passports could become much more secure and functional by using high memory chips.

Waltham, Mass.-based Tego, a provider of high memory RFID tagging solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of new aviation-grade RFID tags for aerospace and a broad range of industrial applications. Developed by Tokyo-based Marubeni Chemix using TegoChip technology, the Marubeni TAGAT tags deliver high memory and rugged survivability for harsh industrial environments, with a 4 Kilobyte (32 kbit) TegoChip XL inside. Marubeni has purchased wafer-scale quantities to meet global demand.

"This is an opportunity for us to announce to the world that we have production-ready, in-volume tags available to the broad industrial marketplace for high memory," says Tim Butler, CEO of Tego. "We are now in the position where we can immediately offer tags in the thousands and move into hundreds of thousands and millions within weeks."

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GlobeRanger solution solves "charge back
dilemma for the retail supply chain

Shipping validation solution (GR-SVS) enables retail suppliers to automatically reconcile shipments to the ASN prior to outbound deliveries and avoid costly charge back costs.

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Motorola's MC3190-Z revolutionizes inventory
control for businesses around the world

Business Class RFID handheld reader enables faster, more accurate data collection to help retailers and businesses better manage inventory and assets.

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TegoChip powers new Marubeni RFID tags;
ideal for a number of harsh environments

Tego has announced the worldwide availability of new aviation-grade, high-memory RFID tags developed by Marubeni Chemix using TegoChipTM technology for aerospace and a broad range of industrial applications.

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Identive Group to acquire Smartag;
deal will close sometime this month

Identive Group says the acquisition of the Singapore-based manufacturer of RFID inlays and inlay applications will further strengthen its core RFID technology, expand its UHF product line and allow it to add manufacturing capacity.

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Retailers and manufacturers unveil
Item Level RFID Initiative

The alliance including Wal-Mart, Kohls, Macy's, JC Penney, Dillards and others should provide item-level tagging with the shot in the arm it needs to become ubiquitous in the retail sector.

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AIAG receives annual Ted Williams award
for advancing RFID standards in auto industry

AIAG's RFID work group is responsible for the RFID B-11 document, which is the automotive industry standard in North America.

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Aeroscout secures $16M in venture funding;
will speed the adoption of its Wi-Fi RFID solutions

The proceeds from the funding, led by new investor Evergreen Venture, will be used for market expansion, including sales and marketing growth, and to continue broadening and enhancing AeroScout's solution portfolio.

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