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RFID needs to fade away

Intel has done a fabulous branding job with its "Intel Inside" campaign. The RFID industry might want to employ a similar strategy someday. As RFID technology continues to forge ahead – ABI Research predicted this week that the market will reach $9.8 billion by 2013 -- it still faces the uphill battle of dealing with privacy concerns.

What RFID really needs to do is go away – fade to the background and become a mainstream part of information technology systems.

What RFID really needs to do is go away – fade to the background and become a mainstream part of information technology systems. With a subtle "RFID Inside" approach, the industry can focus on the technology’s benefits, and not the technology itself. RFID is already embedded in many material handling systems as standard technology and operates in relative obscurity.

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METRO advances RFID
rollout at its Future store

German retailer will rely on software from IBM to capture and manage data on inventory, expiration dates, and other information on meat items sold at its retail store.

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Global RFID market worth
$5.3B in 2008; $9.8B by 2013

A new study from ABI Research predicts annual revenue growth will increase over the next five years, accelerating to $9.8 billion by 2013. Item level tracking, driven by fashion apparel and footwear, is expected to grow the fastest at 24 percent annually.

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Omni-ID intros new solution
for tagging small IT assets

OmniTether is an attachment solution utilizing a tether approach for application onto assets where real estate is at a premium, such as routers and switches. New design eliminates the barrier to full adoption in areas like the datacenter where some IT assets are difficult to tag.

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Convergence Systems Gen 2 handheld
delivers breakthrough performance

With a read range exceeding 25 feet with standard dipole passive tags and a throughput reaching 400 tags per second, the CS101 delivers performance equivalent to that of a fixed reader.

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Mitsubishi Electric launches high
power amplifiers for UHF band readers

The high power amplifiers for UHF band RFID reader/writer apparatus will be available starting Nov. 25. The company claims the product represents the industry’s first amplifiers with a built-in impedance-matched circuit for both input and output.

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RFID increases speed to market
for log house manufacturer

RFID tags from UPM Raflatac attached to individual logs allow several unique detached houses to be manufactured simultaneously, while tags indicate the correct location for each log in the construction stage.

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Mojix intros STAR System
To European marketplace

Mojix says STAR System will deliver a single solution for all supply chain management and real-time asset tracking needs and drive new levels of RFID scale, precision and value.

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John Johnson, Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to RFID 24-7, your source for news and trends from the RFID and auto-ID industry.

Can RFID play a role in future presidential elections? For example, can states with RFID-enabled driver’s licenses utilize the technology to move voters along quicker, reduce lines and verify voter identification? Other than some asset tracking operations to track voting equipment in California, I’d like to know your thoughts on other potential applications.

We welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think of the issue, and any topics you'd like to see covered in the future.

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John R. Johnson is a veteran business and technology journalist with over 15 years of experience covering RFID technology and supply chain topics, first as editor of Warehousing Management and most recently as editor of DC Velocity.
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