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Trash talk: researchers rely on technology
to track the waste removal chain
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As RFID becomes more ubiquitous, the supply chain gets closer and closer to total end-to-end visibility, a nirvana for retailers. So if industry has such a good view of products as they move from the point of manufacturer in Asia to store shelves in the U.S., why is there little or no visibility in the waste removal chain?

When trash is discarded by homeowners or businesses, there is no way of tracking where the trash is hauled away to. Researchers at MIT are in the midst of trials in several cities to get a better picture of what happens to trash once it lands in a dumpster. While the study initially relies on cellular technology-based tags instead of RFID, the technology could play a role in monitoring trash hauling in the future. Already, RFID is used to monitor recycling efforts in Las Vegas and other major cities.

Researchers at MIT's SENSEable City Lab are studying data from a pilot performed in Seattle, where 3,000 tags were attached to a wide variety of trash items, and then tracked to their final resting place – be it a recycling center, a trash disintegrator, or a barge headed overseas. Dubbed Trash Track, researchers hope the pilot provides a glimpse into the path trash takes once it is discarded.

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Intelleflex acquires development team
and IP information from Maxim

Maxim will receive an equity position from the deal, which will allow Intelleflex to accelerate its product road map for applications and markets for Class 3 RFID technology.

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Motorola MC3100 raises bar for
mid-range mobile computing

MC3100 series enables enterprises to leverage existing or planned RFID deployments right out of the box by allowing customers to track the movement and location of the mobile computers to maintain a real-time inventory of assets.

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New course will help Walmart suppliers
To meet EPC requirements

New one-day course will help businesses who supply Walmart and Sam's Club to learn how to satisfy the retailers' electronic product code (EPC) shipment tagging requirements.

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RFID TagSource supports
Rutgers RFID Research Center

The newly established Research Center combines laboratory facilities with real world insight into how RFID is being utilized across the globe to provide real business value.

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Microsoft BizTalk RFID passes
GS1 EPCglobal certification program

BizTalk RFID is certified and fully compliant with GS1s EPCIS standard for event generation, allowing for the seamless, secure capture and exchange of data at every point in the lifecycle of goods and services.

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Invengo targets European market
at LabelExpo Europe 2009

Invengo Technology Corp., the US arm of one of the world's largest RFID technology companies, is launching its pan-European operation to focus on developing a uniquely new presence in the region.

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Retailers continue to embrace item-level tagging as a path to total supply chain visibility. This week’s lead story discusses a new market for item-level tagging – trash!


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