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M&A activity will likely increase following OAT, Impinj deals

The dog days of summer might be upon us, but that's not the case in the bustling RFID sector. Checkpoint Systems' June acquisition of OATSystems and Impinj's deal to purchase Intel's RFID operations have ignited the industry.

"I don't think we've seen the end of this wave."

Industry analysts are undecided if those two deals are a harbinger of things to come for the industry. However, executives close to the OAT deal say that four companies pursued OAT, and that two more got into the sweepstakes for the middleware provider too late in the game. That means there may be a few unfulfilled bidders that are likely still in the hunt to acquire established RFID software and middleware firms. The biggest loser right now appears to be ADT/Sensormatic, which was rumored to be in the hunt for OAT.

"I don't think we've seen the end of this wave," says Louis Bianchin, senior analyst and program manager for research firm Venture Development Corp.

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RFID World

LCWaikiki of Turkey implements AlienĀ® solution for garment tracking

In a partnership with STS, Alien Technology has implemented a retail level garment tracking system with apparel retailer LCWaikiki in Istanbul, Turkey. With more than 190 stores nationwide, LCWaikiki is one of Turkey's fastest growing apparel retailers. As a result of the garment tagging project, the retailer has seen a 60 percent reduction time in stock taking and a 70 percent savings in time required to move stock from the back room to the show floor. Next up is a rollout to its entire store base.

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IT channel sees growth in RFID projects, CompTIA survey reveals

According to IT companies surveyed, the most popular RFID deployments now used by customers are asset tracking (32 percent); personal identification (28 percent); supply chain (25 percent); retail marketing (15 percent); and closed-loop manufacturing (9 percent), according to the CompTIA survey.

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MIKOH launches Smart&Secure Warehouse

Smart&Secure Warehouse alleviates uncertainty for RFID applications by validating the unique relationship between an RFID tag and the product/container to which it is attached. The solution creates a tamper evident seal that disables RFID functionality if a tag is removed or compromised.

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SecureRF's National Science Foundation RFID grant extended

The technical funding of this Phase IB supplement will be used to design, develop and validate the appropriate security functions resulting in use cases that will be used to design secure protocols to guide SecureRF in its Phase II tag development work.

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ThingMagic online store delivers RFID to a wide variety of applications

ThingMagic has announced that its M5e-Compact, Mercury5e and Mercury4 module development kits are available for purchase online. Each kit provides a complete RFID reader software and hardware solution for testing, prototyping and developing embedded, mobile, portable and handheld RFID applications.

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