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Smart grid could be fertile ground
for RFID technology
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Smart grid technology is taking the nation by storm. President Obama's stimulus package (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) includes about $4.4 billion intended to jump start investment in the smart grid sector.

RFID technology might be able to go along for the ride - especially if the utility industry starts to embrace the technology. Some utilities are using RFID and sensor technology, but relatively few have incorporated RFID into their smart grid strategy to date. And only a small percentage of the millions of smart meters being rolled out to homes and businesses across the country utilize RFID technology.

Still, Mark McGranaghan, a director at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), calls the potential for RFID to impact the smart grid network "a big deal."

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Impinj launches Speedway® Revolution Reader to make RFID performance easy

Innovative Autopilot technology redefines performance, ease of use, reliability and cost of ownership by automatically optimizing the reader for its operating environment to deliver peak performance.

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Omni-ID establishes China subsidiary and manufacturing facility for RFID tags

The new facility, which will have the capacity to produce up to 6 million tags annually, will increase Omni ID's production capacity, quality and time to market.

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Wireless RFID reader eliminates the need for Ethernet connections

Invengo Technology Corp. has released a new fixed RFID reader with wireless data capability that will allow users to install their RFID infrastructure in areas without readily accessible Ethernet connections.

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UPM Raflatac launches Dogbone Freeze product suitable for frozen environment

The product, specially designed for applications where operating temperatures of -40C/F is required, has been tested successfully by Metro Group in a pilot at its DC in Hamm, Germany.

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ThingMagic unveils rugged readers for in-vehicle and indoor/outdoor application development

The ThingMagic Vega IVR (in-vehicle reader) model offers vehicle manufacturers, automotive technology vendors and integrators the tools needed to advance in-vehicle RFID application development.

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Blue Spark Technologies raises $1.5M in Series B venture funding

Investment will be used to support the ramp-up of the firm's 1.5V carbon-zinc battery production for large volumes of battery assisted passive RFID implementations scheduled to start shipping in the fourth quarter.

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Tracient Technologies' HF readers monitor task completion times in glasshouses

Australian grower turns to RFID to improve visibility of employee movements and results, monitor how long workers take to complete tasks, and accurately identify workers, the area they are working on and what task they are performing.

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RFID technology is a relative newcomer to the smart grid sector, but the technology could play a major role in the movement to upgrade the nation's out-of-date electric grid.


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