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Hawaiian produce pilot takes next step;
will track pallets of produce from Taiwan

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The Hawaii Department of Agriculture is a leader when it comes to piloting RFID for food safety. In May, the department began shipping 70 RFID-enabled pallets of produce between distribution centers on the islands of Maui, Hawaii and Oahu to monitor shipping temperatures and to learn how variances in temperature impact produce.

The Hawaii Produce Traceability Initiative is ready to take its next step, which will occur in late September when a pallet of produce is shipped from Taiwan carrying RFID and GPS technology. The pallet will be tracked from the pallet build level in Taiwan, although the program's partners in Taiwan want to extend the project and tag produce immediately after it is harvested in the field.

"This is an opportunity to establish a working relationship on food safety with other countries and cooperatively develop the technology," says John Ryan, the retired head of Hawaii's quality assurance office, and now a principal with Ryan Systems. "We think that in the not too distant future, something like this could become a standard."

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Intelleflex and The Hartford to use RFID
for loss prevention, underwriting innovation

Insurer turns to RFID to help reduce waste and improve quality in the perishable food supply chain, possibly limiting claims in the process.

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Motorola unveils next generation
industrial fixed RFID reader

The Motorola FX9500 is a rugged reader built for demanding industrial RFID applications in manufacturing, distribution and warehouse, and retail receiving environments.

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Invengo raises $108M through
private placement stock offering

Proceeds will support Invengo's development of RFID handhelds, a management system for RFID-based railway vehicle parts, R&D for an automated library system, and developing tracking devices for trains.

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Rutgers RFID Tag Selection Report
evaluates more than 100 passive RFID tags

Sponsored by RFID TagSource and Motorola Solutions, the report will enable solution providers and end users to identify passive UHF Gen2 RFID tags and reader platforms that best fit their application needs.

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Steel maker saves $1.4M per month
by tagging all two million products

POSCO's RFID program will be expanded from tagging items for 17 customers currently to tagging more than two million products in October, a move that will save the firm $1.4M (US) each month.

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Pre-encoded and printed RFID tags
available through Top Shop netstore

UPM RFID customers can now buy RFID tags, labels, stickers and cards with personalized data content, artwork and printing online - also with the added flexibly of small quantities.

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Public parking lots in Germany embrace
RFID-based contactless payment system

While drivers benefit from increased convenience, parking lot operators gain from smoother transactions and decreased billing costs.

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Stanley Black & Decker acquires
CribMaster parent WinWare

In a very quiet transaction, Stanley Black & Decker acquired WinWare, the creator of the RFID-enabled CribMaster tool management system, in May.

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