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RFID improves crowd control at Boston Pops fireworks display
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The annual July 4 Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular requires a significant outlay for security in order to pull off the event each year. This year, RFID technology played major role in assuring that the extravaganza went off without a hitch. After a crush of VIPs created a logjam at the entrance to the event’s command center last year, the event producer relied on an RFID credentialing system to track VIP guests this year. RFID made for a smooth flow by validating the credentials of public safety officials staffing the command center before the big concert and fireworks display.

RFID Global Solutions, Inc. partnered with Fenwick Technologies, Inc., and Middlesex Community College to affix RFID devices to badges worn by authorized individuals. RFID Global Solution CEO Diana Hage says her firm produced 500 passive RFID badges. About 300 were distributed in the days leading up to the event. The rest were handed out that day.

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Checkpoint supports METRO Group RFID expansion to China and India

Deck - The third phase of METRO Group’s “Tag it Easy” program will involve more than 75 Chinese and Indian consumer goods suppliers, in addition to the 100 manufacturers already in the program from Hong Kong, China and Vietnam.

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Alien secures RFID garment tracking application with G&P Net of Italy

The million-plus RFID tag garment tracking installation provides a complete end-to-end RFID traceability solution for apparel designer and manufacturer G&P Net.

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NXP and Siemens collaborate on pharmaceutical RFID innovation

The goal of the project is to accurately bulk read hundreds of labeled packages quickly, allowing the manufacturer to keep a thorough stock inventory at all points along the supply chain.

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Ambient ID unveils LabTrack diagnostic specimen tracking solution

Proven automatic identification and business information management technologies improve diagnostic laboratory operations and reduce testing costs.

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Study says multiple use tags benefit reusable packaging systems

Largest industry field test of RFID on reusable containers concludes that RFID tags designed for single use can be used for multiple trips without any deterioration in performance.

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RFID tags to monitor access control at European Youth Olympic Festival

UPM Raflatac's RFID-enabled ID cards will facilitate access to accommodation, dining and competition venues, as well as free usage of the public transportation system in Tampere, Finland.

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Intelligent Instrumentation intros RFID-enabled timeclock computers

Smart cards and readers make time-and-attendance and access control more powerful, more versatile, and offer enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication.

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RFID access control systems used at this month's Fireworks Spectacular in Boston and at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Finland prove that the technology can effectively improve pedestrian flow and security at major events.


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