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Wal-Mart’s RFID apparel deployment could
push global acceptance for item-level tagging
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It's not often that RFID ends up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. But it's not often that the world's largest retailer goes public with its technology plans either. Wal-Mart used to be quoted widely about its plans for RFID in the supply chain. Then a light bulb went off; the retailer realized that RFID is far more valuable at the store level, and on specific items.

And while Friday's article in the Journal wasn’t exactly breaking news, it did cement the fact that Wal-Mart is pursuing item-level tagging for certain lines of men's jeans and underwear. Industry experts predict that Wal-Mart will consume 30 million tags over the next 12 months just on those lines. If the launch is expanded, and it likely will when Wal-Mart sees the proper business value, the retailer's use of RFID could explode and catapult item-level tagging to global acceptance. Down the road, it's entirely possible that Wal-Mart could use hundreds of millions of tags while not even approaching a full apparel rollout.

"This is the beginning of the whole retail item-level tracking thing in the big world," says Drew Nathanson, senior RFID analyst and director of research operations at VDC Research Group, Inc., who says that retailers will use more than 800 million RFID tags in 2011.

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New York Times: Wal-Mart will use
RFID to track apparel items

RFID got a major boost on Friday when the New York Times profiled Wal-Mart’s move to use item-level tags on apparel goods, starting with jeans and underwear.

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IDBLUE and Ramco Systems to offer
visibility solutions for aerospace sector

The two firms will provide end-to-end RFID solutions for the purpose of MRO, aircraft and component, data identification, tracking, enhanced line maintenance and performance based utilization.

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Online shoe retailer Peltz Shoes
completes RFID inventory assessment

The RFID system has been in place for approximately 12 months at four warehouse locations, saving the online retailer over 1,500 labor hours.

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Avery Dennison confirms item-level
RFID is accelerating in apparel sector

Adoption is being spurred by the significant improvements RFID item-level tagging makes to retail operations with inventory accuracy increasing up to 99 percent.

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Report predicts RFID market for
healthcare will grow to $2B by 2018

The market for RFID tags and systems in healthcare will rise rapidly from $120.9 million in 2008, mostly do to item-level tagging of drugs and RTLS systems for staff, patients and assets.

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Sunny Delight Beverages turns to
iGPS RFID-enabled plastic pallets

The producer of juice-based drinks in North America and Western Europe looks to boost sustainability efforts as the lighter weight of iGPS' pallet reduces fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Merrick Systems' RFID Diamond Tag
nominated for SME Innovation Award

High temperature, high-pressure tag revolutionizes asset tracking in downhole and subsea oil and gas operations, surviving sustained extreme conditions up to 200C (400F).

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