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Retail push into item level tagging
will benefit shoppers in the long run
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Retailers stand to benefit greatly from item level tagging. By affixing RFID tags to apparel goods, footwear and other products with complicated SKU mixes, retailers like Walmart and Macy's gain from increased sales and customer loyalty by having products on store shelves when customers need them.

However, at the end of the day retailers hope it is the customer that gains the ultimate benefit and will drive the adoption of item level RFID tagging in retail. As customers become busier and more connected through mobile devices, they will embrace retailers who have inventory where they want it, when they want it, and priced how they want it.

"This is now literally a customer-centric initiative," says Peter Longo, president of logistics and operations for Macy's. "It's not a jazzy technology initiative that consultants are working on. It's now a customer mandate. The [retailers] that get this and move on it quickly will be the organizations that consumers reward. Those that are laggards or disbelievers will be the organizations that the consumer will punish."

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Vail skiers exceed 25B vertical feet;
EpicMix powered by ODIN EasyEdge

Vail's new breakthrough social media program hit a major milestone this week when pass holders surpassed 25 billion vertical feet of skiing as tracked by ODIN's RFID software called EasyEdge.

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Footwear and fashion to drive UHF
passive RFID item-level tagging growth

New report from ABI Research predicts that more than three quarters of a billion RFID tags will be used in global apparel markets in 2011.

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HID Global deal for LaserCard
extends HID's market for ID cards

The LaserCard acquisition further strengthens HID Global's worldwide market position in the government ID market, and significantly expands its portfolio of identity authentication and government-issued credential solutions.

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RFID achieves 100 percent accuracy
in surgical sponge tracking trial

According to HealthLeaders Media, surgical sponges embedded with RFID were identified 100 percent of the time, an accuracy rate far better than traditional counting or use of radiographs during surgery, according to a study at the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center in Iowa City.

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Ascendent ID unveils smallest tag
for automatic vehicle identification

Measuring only about two inches long by just over an inch wide, the long-range RFID tag's tiny footprint occupies minimal space on a car windshield.

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RFID ME now available in US and EU;
converts USB portal into Gen2 reader

RFID technology firms MTI, RF-iT Solutions, NXP Semiconductors, austriamicrosystems and Avery Dennison have partnered to advance the Internet of Things with RFID ME Gen2 Internet, which instantly converts any USB host computer or device into an EPC Gen2 reader.

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