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NH passes RFID restrictions;
privacy concerns may rise in 2010
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It looks like 2010 is shaping up as a busy year when it comes to RFID and privacy legislation. Six days into the New Year, the New Hampshire House voted 186-170 on Wednesday to limit the use of RFID technology. The bill will be taken up by the New Hampshire Senate next, most likely in March.

The bill requires notification on all consumer products and ID documents, and would eliminate the use of RFID for state applications like driver’s licenses and tolls. It also prohibits human implantation without consent, electronic tracking of individuals, and amends the definition of payment card and re-encoding for purposes of the crime of using a scanning device or re-encoder for fraudulent purposes. Including notification on all products carrying RFID could be a burden for retailers and other users of RFID such as ski resorts, which would need to inform each skier if they embed RFID on lift tickets, another common and growing use of RFID technology.

It should be noted that this is the fourth straight year such a bill has passed the House in New Hampshire; it has yet to make it out of the Senate. It’s generally agreed that the RFID industry received a pass on privacy issues in 2009, when the federal government and most state legislators were overwhelmed with fixing the financial crisis. As a result, many issues took a backseat, including privacy and RFID.

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FDA: RFID may interfere with
pacemakers and medical devices

A new study published in HeartRhythm Journal addresses electromagnetic interference in common implantable cardiac devices like pacemakers and cardioverter-defibrillators.

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University researcher: privacy concerns
may limit benefits from real-time data

In an article in Science, Carnegie Mellon researcher Tom M. Mitchell says that society will be unable to take full advantage of real-time data analysis technologies until privacy issues are resolved.

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Sirit installs first EVR enforcement
system in Latin America

Electronic vehicle registration system represents a continuation of the initiative by the Mexican government to enhance security and safety on roads across the country.

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RURO intros RFID component for its
frozen sample management system

RFID-enabled FreezerPro facilitates biomedical research by creating transparent frozen sample storage with up-to-date map and flexible search, ensuring better sample preservation.

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Uptown Cycles deploys item-level
RFID inventory management system

System integrates seamlessly into Uptown Cycles' POS system, enabling the merchant to harness the power of item-level RFID tagging for electronic article surveillance (EAS) in order to increase inventory accuracy, reduce out-of-stocks and improve store security.

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Datalinx tire tracking system in use
at British Touring Car series

Each time a race car makes a pit stop, RFID tags embedded in tires relay information to race officials in order to track the tire from production, to team allocation, through its return to Dunlop for recycling.

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From the Editor

Legislators in New Hampshire are trying once again to limit the use of RFID in the Granite State. What to expect in 2010 when it comes to privacy legislation.


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